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David Sonn


“As a litigation Solicitor and a reasonably seasoned commercial property investor I was surprised to be told by my mortgage broker, that I could reclaim a range of Capital Allowances on my portfolio of properties. This was something that my accountant had neglected to mention to me. They told me they worked with a range of ‘preferred partners’ and so it came as a very pleasant surprise when Catax unearthed six figure plus allowances on my portfolio following inspection of all of my properties by their in-house forensic surveyors.
With the benefit of having this information, my accountant has amended my tax returns so that I can enjoy a cash positive experience, even after allowing for their fees, and I can also look forward to enjoying a reduced tax bill in future years as he continues to write down the benefit of these allowances. I would unreservedly recommend Catax to anyone owning one, or more, commercial properties as you have nothing to lose in letting them review your portfolio given that there is no cost to establish the qualification process”

Paul Westhead

Enza Property Group

“Having received a recommendation to talk to Catax I found their professional approach to the assessment of possible Capital Allowances claim both detailed and efficient. They acted very promptly to ensure a claim could be processed prior to the financial year end, and their work assisted greatly in some detailed tax planning. They have subsequently proved to be a very fair and professional firm to work. I would equally have no hesitation to be recommend their services to others”.

Robert Newman

Heronwood Properties Ltd

“I decided to try Catax on the recommendation of another HW office. Having recently concluded a claim for a client, I would say that the whole process went smoothly with the client commenting favourably on the conduct of the survey meeting. The client has now had their refunds and will continue to benefit from increased capital allowance claims in the future. The fact that Catax will deal with any HMRC enquiry into the claims is also a key factor in assuring clients”

Simon Falconer Hall

Paradigm Norton Financial Planning Ltd

“When Catax initially approached us we were cautious about what they could achieve for us. However, we found them extremely professional in their dealings and their in-depth knowledge of corporate taxation has allowed us to, not only claim Capital Allowances from past years, but will also benefit us in the future. Once they had been given the required information the whole process went smoothly with minimal input from us. They liaised directly with our accountants and were also prepared to deal with any queries from HMRC if they arose – none of which did”

Kevin Harris

Harris and Greenhalgh Property

“I would recommend Catax to anyone who owns their own premises, It was well worth the exercise and it is amazing how much your own accountant does not know. The subsequent tax refund was very welcome”

Malcolm Roberts

Centenary Property Developments LLP

“Having decided to investigate the potential benefits of Capital Allowances within our commercial property estate, I was referenced to Catax. From our initial meeting, it was clear that the Catax team possessed extensive specialist knowledge of this complex area of tax legislation. We trialled their service on two of the properties within our portfolio; Catax worked in harmony with our accountant, tax advisor and solicitor to ensure that we optimized out potential benefits. This piece of work has, and is delivering us significant financial benefits/savings. Catax are retained as our capital allowance partner and we would have no hesitation in recommending their service to our network of commercial property owners”

Richard Jones

Gray and Son Builders Ltd

“We employed Catax to review the Capital Allowances we could receive on the properties owned by Cavan Developments. We found our experience of working with Catax to be a rewarding one. We received comprehensive reports on each investment which were to a high standard. We were very pleased with their professionalism and the financial benefits we received as a result of working with this company””

Ian Currie

AMSA Properties Limited

“Couldn’t be happier, I received a fantastic level of service, straight forward with no hassle, I would definitely use Catax again”

Peter Carpenter

WHT Holdings Ltd

“Thank you and Catax for the recent appraisal of the Capital Allowances that may be claimed against corporation tax for our properties. I was pleased that the whole process did not take up too much of my time and that the initial assessment identified only the suitable properties for a worthwhile claim. Although our properties has a limited amount of fixtures and fittings the process was well worthwhile”

E R Birtles

M Crook & H Ross

“I was introduced to Catax by a client. I found working with Catax a pleasure, my client and I were satisfied with the result and I learnt some valuable information”

Mike White

GJM Properties Ltd

“We were recommended to Catax by a colleague. We found their service to be first class. All of the initial leg work, including liaising with our Accountants and Solicitors, was carried out by them leaving us with very little actual work to do. The final report, accepted by HMRC, resulted in a significant tax saving which will be to the benefit of this company for a number of years. All in all a trouble free and worthwhile exercise which led me to use Catax for an associated company with similar highly satisfactory results”

Stephen Taylor

Rothwell & Evans

“I have used Catax services on a number of occasions, on both newly purchased commercial property and existing owned commercial property, and as a result have saved tens of thousands of pounds. Catax provide a service that is value for money, efficient staff and are very easy to deal with throughout the entire process”

Jake Ezair

Jersey Street Properties Ltd

“Catax assisted us in claiming our Capital Allowances on two properties, both of which we benefited from highly. We found their service to be efficient and well-structured. Furthermore the process was easy to follow and manage, with a very positive result. We would recommend their services to anyone owning a commercial property”

Matthew Cotton

Argent Properties

“I am very happy with everything, the process couldn’t have gone better, and I am pleased with the rebate that I received”

Adam Whitney

Pro-Tek Recruitment Services

“After an initial consultation, things moved very quickly with Catax and they worked closely with us until they achieved a successful conclusion. I would have no problems recommending their services”

Geoff Dallimore

Afortis Ltd

“During the past 18 months Catax have acted on our behalf with a number of our clients, in every instance they have been able to identify significant capital allowance benefits from property portfolios with a combined value in excess of £100,000,000. Theirs expertise in this area has enabled our clients to save considerable amounts of money, in many instance resulting in sizeable tax rebates. The whole process is managed in house; including any capital allowance queries from HMRC meaning our client can concentrate on their core tasks whilst their capital allowance affairs are managed the specialist at Catax. Our relationship with Catax has allowed is to add another layer of value into our proposition and deliver additional real benefits to our clients. We continue to roll out this service across our client base and would encourage any commercial property owner to contact Catax to explore the potential of working together”

Paul Hunter

Ormerod Rutter

“We employed Catax to investigate the availability of Capital Allowances on our commercial property. The process was extremely efficient and involved little effort from ourselves and, within a short period of time, gave us a substantial tax refund. They will uncover Capital Allowances many commercial property owners will be unaware existed. We would not hesitate in recommending Catax to anyone thinking of using their expertise in this area. They will uncover Capital Allowances many commercial property owners will be unaware existed. We would not hesitate in recommending to anyone thinking of using their expertise in this area”

James Dunion

Torbay Lodge

“I attended a presentation by Catax which had no hard sell. When I introduced them to my client they answered all our questions and presented a full report for HMRC. Claim made and paid with no delays. Would recommend them for your clients too”

Hitesh Gadhia

Shaw Wallace

“Capital Allowances Valuation Reports are a service we have provided for our clients. We have identified Capital Allowances claims as being one of the largest tax breaks our client are entitled to. We discuss Capital Allowances as part of our financial planning with our clients, in particular in the tourism sector as the commercial properties concerned often have a higher than average value of Capital Allowances embedded within the property, for example all the electrical points needed in every bedroom of a large hotel. This process can enable us to reduce the tax liability of our clients, and more often than not our clients will be entitled to a tax rebate from a retrospective claim and on-going reductions in the tax liability for years to come”

Martin Graves

DJP Property Ltd

“Catax were recommended to us by our Auditors as having the necessary skills and expertise to assess our 4 properties. We then provided Catax with some basic information about the properties and they sent a surveyor to carry out a full inspection of each property. After accompanying the surveyor I was impressed with the thoroughness and level of detail he took at each location. Following this we received a report that enabled us to re submit our previous 2 years tax returns and within a fortnight we received rebates that more than offset the Catax fee. That report will enable us to reduce our tax bill for years to come. Overall we are delighted with the service we received from Catax and would recommend them to any property owners who have not yet taken advantage of the allowances available”

Mike Harrison

Saffery Champness

“I’ve been happy to work with Mark Tighe and his team at Catax. They carry out their work quickly and produce a clear and comprehensive analysis of various components in the properties they have reviewed for my clients. That analysis goes beyond the normal analysis we as accountants can do. This has produced good results for our clients. I’m delighted to recommend them to others”

Derek Kennedy


“Without Catax we would have been unaware of unclaimed Capital Allowances”

Anil Tailor

Celerica Ltd

“We are delighted to provide a testimonial for the services provided by Catax. This type of work is specialised and I believe that you would be doing your client a disservice if you tried to do this yourself or did not consider it. The initial meeting with Catax was very clear and the “Client Benefit Analysis” provided was not only very clear, but we were also able to reflect the simple adjustment on our client’s tax return. They also provided the notes we had to attach on the amended returns which gave further assurance. The whole arrangement saved my client in excess of £44,000 after Catax fees. This was actually more than we initially estimated. I therefore, have no hesitation in recommending Catax for future tax saving opportunities”

Nick Ford

Saffery Champness

“I was delighted with the service provided by Catax. With such a highly specialist area surrounding Capital Allowances, I felt confident with the process from start to finish. We deal with clients who hold commercial properties within ‘trust’ structures which can often make taxation matters complicated and unclear. However, Catax provided me with an initial, bespoke analysis, clearly detailing each of my clients’ potential benefit. This allowed the clients and I to understand the beneficial implications of assessing their Capital Allowances position. Following which, we instructed Catax on our clients’ property portfolio. This resulted in our clients receiving considerable tax relief from the work reducing their liabilities substantially. Catax worked with us to assist our clients, keeping both the client and trust manager informed each step of the way. I have no hesitation in recommending Catax to my colleagues and clients and we continue to use them as our appointed Capital Allowances provider”

Michael Dowdy

Haines Watts

“I decided to try Catax on the recommendation of another HW office. Having recently concluded a claim for a client, I would say that the whole process went smoothly with the client commenting favourably on the conduct of the survey meeting. The client has now had their refunds and will continue to benefit from increased capital allowance claims in the future. The fact that Catax will deal with any HMRC enquiry into the claims is also a key factor in assuring clients”

David Thebridge

Washford Industrial Estate

“Client is delighted – had reservations initially with bad experience from firms getting rates reductions – but would happily recommend you”

Rishi Chandarana

BPC Chandarana & Co

“We have now worked with Catax on several cases for clients within the tourism sector and have found their service to be a seamless add-on to our own. The cases we have worked on have resulted in tens of thousands of pounds being refunded back to our clients from HM Revenue & Customs without any issues. I have no hesitation in recommending the process to clients within the tourism sector and now do this almost as standard practice as I believe this to be a lucrative opportunity for my clients”

Colin Greenfield

FMS Accounting Services Ltd

“We found Catax at an accounting seminar and appointed them to claim a tax refund for us. We were delighted with the refund we received and Catax fulfilled their brief admirably. I would have no hesitation in recommending them”

Chris Lonergan

Haines Watts

“With clients in the tourism sector we actively highlight the potential to claim Capital Allowances, often as early on as during our introductory strategy meetings. Capital Allowances offer an extremely welcome tax break in such a vulnerable sector and have often helped our clients to invest further into and develop their businesses by way of refurbishment and additions to property such as extensions. At Haines Watts we see Capital Allowances as a value added service. We view it as a highly specialist area and have partnered with Catax Solutions on the basis of their quality of work and affinity partnership with the ICAEW”

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