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What qualifying expenditures on your property can maximise your tax relief claim?

Property Types Most commercial properties will include the fundamental .

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How you can use grant funding delays to get ahead of competition

Over the past 12 months, grant funding has been vital to the continued .

Read more Pandemic predicament – releasing cash with R&D

The engineering sector isn’t alone in battling supply chain disruption, .

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What Makes A Good R&D Tax Credits Experience for a Client?

Speaking as specialists who support and collaborate with hundreds of .

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Blog: CA Tax Talk – the importance of submitting CA expenditure by the January deadline!

Introduced by our Capital Allowances Technical Team Manager, Dean Needham, .

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Blog: R&D Tax Talk – The stigma around UK businesses claiming tax relief

Over the next few months we are showcasing some of our excellent team .

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Blog: Tax Talk – HMRC Annual Statistics Update

By Nigel Holmes, Head of R&D Technical Operations On 30 September, .

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Mechanical engineering firm rewarded with £357,000 in R&D tax relief for aircraft engine cleaning machine

A mechanical engineering specialist has been rewarded with £357,000 of .

Read more UK Transport Industry Thriving after Brexit Vote

The UK transport industry has seen earnings on its investments in the EU .

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Agg Business: UK quarrying and mining sector earnings rise sharply despite halving EU investment post referendum

The UK quarrying and mining sector has halved its overall investment in the .

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